Craftsman Solutions Inc

Sam and his team designed and developed every aspect of They worked with us on the concept, and all functions of the site. We've been really happy with their work and their service. Sam is so easy to work with. He's always available to talk ideas through, try new things and contribute his thoughts. We get positive feedback constantly from users about the look and feel and usability of the site.

- Debra Joy
I have known Sam my entire life and have been working with him since 1998. Sam has access to highly confidential information, which we trust him with explicitly. Sam’s dedication to quality work, his technical expertise and impeccable character aren’t easily found; we feel fortunate to have Sam as our IT subcontractor. Sam is an essential member of our company “team” and helps contribute to our success. More than a subcontractor, Sam has always felt like another member of our office staff. We have never considered subcontracting with another firm to service our IT needs; Sam goes above and beyond our corporate expectations.

- Brian Smith
General Manager/CFO
Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc.

Albina Pipe Bending Co., Inc

  • Job Costing – developed and maintains custom-built job costing system that runs all aspects of Albina Pipe Bending’s business, from customer management, time tracking, shop order entry, purchase order entry, job scheduling, and integrating to their AccPac A/R system.
  • Network Infrastructure – setup all aspects of their network including an internal database server, exchange email server, monitoring services, client computer setup and maintenance, disaster recovery strategy, etc.

  • Herb, formula and acupuncture point Database – built and maintains the infrastructure for the integrated database of herbs, formulas and acupuncture points, including search functionality and enabling web 2.0-style comments and additions to the database.
  • Online continuing education class platform – built and maintains an online continuing education class platform that includes both video and audio courses, search functionality, payment processing and online testing.

  • Customizable online memorial site platform – built and maintains the customizable online memorial site platform, where individuals can create their own microsites as their living legacy sharing personal insights, private messages to loved ones, photo albums, video notebooks, and their biography.
  • Automatic notification system – built and maintains an automatic notification system which distributes an email notification to specified contacts upon the death of the individual subscribed to

Exemplar Human Services

  • Automated build tools – integrated internal automated software build tools into their development environment to help ensure consistency, quality and speed in their already-established development team.
  • Security auditing – performed security audits on their web software to ensure their customers websites were secure, well built and in compliance with government requirements.

Wieselman Law

  • Networking Infrastructure – set up networking infrastructure including remote terminal server access for paralegals, exchange email server, backup solution and making a smooth transition from their old systems to the new.